A trip to Siem Reap Cambodia…

Seeing the  Angkor  Wat temple  is always my dream.. Last May of 2015 my bestie and I decided to explore the rich culture of beautiful Siem Reap…


On this blog I shall feature things I loveabout Cambodia:

1. Khmer prononce as  \kə-ˈmer\ is refer to be the people living in Cambodia. During my visit I found that Khmer people are hospitable and kind.. I remember our guide Mr. Heuang, he was very polite and very protective to us.

2. Monk –  I think visiting Angkor temple without seeing a monk will not complete our visit.  As per our guide some young children chose to be a monk to study for free about Buddhism (some are no parents already) . 

3. Artist- As I visit different temple I found young artist practising their art . In Siem Reap  their is Artisan Angkor  it is a business located in the City near the Pub market Siem Reap,  it provides job opportunities for the young living in rural areas with talent of stone and wood carving, painting on statues and on silk, lacquering and  silver plating.

*at the old market you can also purchase different kinds of khmer crafts (bargaining is popular in Siem Reap, you will love it)

4. Cambodia Hotel- What I remember during my visit was  about the Hotel.  We booked at Royal Crown Hotel. It is very convinient just a 3 minutes walk to old market and pub market. The hotel is very Khmer in its architecture. You should try their signature massage. For their buffet breakfast was awesome as well. The hotel has 2 swimming pool and skydeck restaurant.

one of the pool in Royal Crown

5. Culture/ attractions- like I said it was my dream to visit the Angkor Temple. A ticket for a one day pass in the temple is USD 20. (Note Siem Reap uses USD in all transactions when you visit  make sure you have enough USD in your pocket).

angkor wat temple

The Angkor Wat Temple was constructed in 12th century as Hindu monument until 13th cebtury when they convert it to Buddhism.

 Inside the temple is a 100 square meters wall which illustrate the battle of Kurukshetra. (Amazing work)

Spung on a temple in Ta Prohm

The temple of Ta Prohm  (one of the angkor temple in Bayon style) was used to be the located of The Tomb Raider of Angelina Jolie.

The culture of Cambodia is what really attracts me.

* Direct flight from Manila to Siem Reap is via Cebu Pacific only. (Remember when you visit convert you money into USD don’t worry when you shop bargaining is “IN” here) .

* I recommend for hassle free use a travel agency to booked and handled your trip  to Camdodia. Cambodia tour package is usually affordable. Find a reliable travel agency. (But its up to you, you can DIY as well) .

Thanks luvies…

Your’s truly


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